Welcome Post

Welcome to my awesome new cooking blog!

It is my new year’s resolution to cook my meals at home without creating a large amount of leftovers and consumer waste. I will try to create healthy, budget friendly, and simple meals for the single cook. It is hard to cook creatively and healthy for yourself. Most recipe books are geared for families or entertaining. I hope to teach myself and readers how to adapt these recipes for the single lifestyle.

About myself: I am not really a single girl; however, my partner lives  an hour away so I cook for myself the majority of the time. I have access to a great kitchen and amazing food resources. As a resident of California central coast, I have access to great produce, local products, and fresh seafood. I understand that many other people do not have these resources and that the food you are able to cook reflects the resources available. I work full-time in public education so time and money are minimal; my recipes will reflect this.

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