Roast Beef Sandwich

My dinners this week have not been the most exciting or creative. Dinner tonight consisted of a roast beef sandwich and a spoonful of Better Than Peanut Butter (a peanut butter substitute made from peanut flour). The sandwich consisted of three slices of multigrain organic sandwich bread from Trader Joe’s. On one slice I melted babybel light cheese. On another slice I placed two slices of low sodium roast beef from Trader Joe’s and low-sodium teriyaki sauce. I put these two pieces of bread in the microwave to warm up the beef and melt the cheese.  While that was melting I took another slice of bread and spread light whipped cream cheese (also Trader Joe’s brand) on it. This was the middle slice for my sandwich. On the bread with the cheese I put baby spinach leaves. This I sliced diagonally. Simple, quick, and delicious.


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