I had plenty of jambalya rice leftover from the other night. That meant at least a couple more meals using that as my base. The past two nights I’ve created essentially the same dish with some minor changes.

On Thursday night I layered jambalaya rice, ranch style beans (canned pinto beans with a spicy sauce), baby spinach, avocado, and thin cut steak. I cooked the steak under the broiler for about ten minutes using salt, pepper, and garlic powder as seasoning. I pretty much microwaved everything else except the spinach and avocado.  The bottom layer was rice, then spinach,then beans, then avocado, and finally steak. I ate this with a spelt tortilla that crisped up on the stove top. I had never eaten a spelt tortilla before and it was delicious! Of course I covered the entire thing in tapatio sauce after taking the picture. Tapatio sauce is just not photogenic.

The other meal that I made today after work was essentially the same thing without the spinach. I layered rice, beans, babybell cheese, and steak and then microwaved this for about two and a half minutes. Then I added the avocado. I ate this with another spelt tortilla and the requisite tapatio sauce.

When it comes to which one was better I don’t know. I think Thursday night’s was healthier.  They were both pretty good.


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