Turkey Parmesan

I was thoroughly exhausted yesterday. After very little sleep last night, I worked from eight in the morning until six thirty tonight. I had a break around 2:30 where I went grocery shopping. I bought seventy dollars worth of groceries. Man! I went in with a plan and a list. This week I am making adaptations of recipes from the Martha Stewart Great Food Fast cook book. These recipes are from the spring section. I was going to use boneless, skinless chicken breasts but they were expensive, so I bought skinless turkey breast cutlets. I am supplementing them in recipes that use boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The flavor profile is definitely different. Turkey has a much more distinct flavor than chicken; earthier, heartier, better in my humble opinion. I’m not sure if it takes on certain flavors as well as chicken does, which I found to be the case tonight with my turkey parmesan.


1/4 cup plain breadcrumbs (I added parsley and black pepper to mine)
two turkey breast cutlets
1 small can of reduced sodium tomato sauce (smaller than 8 oz.)
1 egg, beaten
canola spray
1 tsp. chopped garlic
Two small slices of reduced-fat mozzarella


Heat skillet with canola spray on medium-high heat. Dredge turkey breasts in egg then breadcrumbs. Add turkey breasts into the skillet. Brown on one side. Then add tomato sauce and chopped garlic. Cook for about five minutes on medium high heat. Add mozzarella slices to each turkey breast cutlet. Cover with a lid to melt the cheese or put under the broiler for about four minutes. I served mine over a green salad with Italian bread.

I don’t think I would make this recipe again. I wanted to try it out and I found that I don’t really like it much. I’m not the biggest fan of tomato sauce and I don’t think the turkey went well with it. Tomorrow will be either turkey breast cutlets cashew chicken style; stuffed with goat cheese and dried apricots; or turkey breast cutlets in mustard sauce with steamed asparagus. We’ll see how much I feel like doing after work tomorrow.


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