Ramen with Turkey Cutlet

Wednesdays are my short work days. School gets out around twelve thirty and then I don’t work with my next client until 4:15. This leaves me with a nice gap to cook lunch instead of just grabbing a bagel and a banana or a bowl of cereal like I do on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Today I decided to make use of another turkey cutlet and some ramen. Ramen is the poor, single person’s best friend. It is versatile, cheap, and quick. It’s also not completely bad for you if you don’t use the flavor packet (which is disgusting in my opinion). I felt that I needed something green to go along with it so I pulled out some green leaf lettuce. It added some nice color, crunch, and freshness to the dish. This time around I did not end up overthawing my turkey cutlet in the microwave, therfore drying it out. This time around it was fresh and moist.

While my turkey cutlet was defrosting in the microwave, I put a pot of water on to boil. Then I heated up a non-stick skillet with some oil spray. I seasoned the turkey cutlet with salt and pepper. I put it in the pan on medium heat and then added some chopped garlic to the pan. I have to say that pre-chopped garlic in a jar is one of the greatest things ever. After cooking the turkey on one side for about three minutes or so, I flipped it over to cook on the other side. Then I added my ramen noodles to the boiling water. The turkey was done by the time the noodles were done cooking. I completely drained the noodles, chopped up some green leaf lettuce, sliced the turkey, and piled it on the plate with some hoisin sauce to top it off. I forgot how damn delicious hoisin sauce is. It was a great meal.

2 responses to “Ramen with Turkey Cutlet

  1. moist cutlets are the best. dry ones suck.

  2. Isn’t everything better when it is moist?

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