Landlords and Lemons

Yesterday Andrew and I went house hunting, well rental hunting because god no one in their twenties can afford a house in the Bay Area. We went to one rental and I found it lacking. Then we tried to find the next one but couldn’t find it, crossed the next one off because it was too far away from San Jose State University, and then we went to the next one which is going to be our new home. It’s located in Santa Clara off the Lawrence Expressway.  It’s pretty much on the Santa Clara/Sunnyvale border, so I will have access to a lot of different Indian and Korean markets. Our landlords will be living next door to us and they grow a lot of vegetables. They gave us a huge amount of green lettuce and some of the most fragrant lemons I’ve ever had.

We used the lemons to make a stuck pot rice dish (which I will post on next) and a lemon-dijon salad dressing with the green lettuce and fresh strawberries. I still can’t get over how good those lemons smelled.

I’m also excited that I bought a new dish at Target with Cindy.

This is my new dish:

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