Restaurant Reviews: The Bagelry

I love carbohydrates, I love bread, and I love bagels. I love all the different kinds of bagels: bagels from Noah’s, bagels from Safeway (the really big chewy ones), the bagels from the express store at the Bay Tree bookstore with the pesto and cheese in the middle, and bagels from the Bagelry. The only bagels I don’t really like are those bagged kind from the grocery store. They’re okay. I’ll eat them if they’re around, but they’re just not as good as a bagel from a bagel shop.

I do like cream cheese. I can also dig on the Tofutti cream cheese stuff. I like neufchatel cheese as well. That’s kind of like cream cheese but without a lot of the fat. Nonfat cream cheese is disgusting. It’s grainy tasting. I just don’t do that.

Today I visited my friend’s new house in Soquel. There are Bagelry shops throughout Santa Cruz county and there is one right in the middle of Soquel Village. We went there for lunch. Now normally I’ve liked everything I’ve gotten from the Bagelry: day old bagels by the half dozen, bagel with Royal Palm mix (cream cheese, honey, dates, and walnuts), the scrambagels, the lox and cream cheese, and the hot albacore tuna on a bagel. Those are all delicious adventures. However, today I tried the Luna because everyone on Yelp was talking about how great the Luna was. I was excited to try it. I thought it sounded good: ricotta cheese, pesto, and chopped almonds. Okay the toasted chopped almonds were kind of weird, but still it sounded good enough to get. When I got it it was totally not what I expected. The pesto, nuts, and ricotta cheese were all mixed together. I don’t do things like that all mixed together. I’m weird about textures. Okay, so I can get over that. But then there were also green onions or celery or something like that and that really bothers. I don’t like crispy things with creamy things at all. I especially do not like onions or despise celery. I had to spend a long time picking those things out. It did not say anywhere on the menu that it included green onions or celery. Green onions and celery do not go in pesto, they are not almonds, and they are not an ingredient in ricotta cheese. Why were they in there and why did no one tell me?

I ended up eating it but I wasn’t stoked and didn’t love on it the way I have other things from the Bagelry. I would never order it again and I would not recommend it to anyone. I would eat at the Bagelry again though because everything else there has been delicious. I just wish it wasn’t cash only.

2 responses to “Restaurant Reviews: The Bagelry

  1. The green onions I prob could have dealt with but celery? Celery does not belong on anything, anywhere, at any time.

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