Crepe Day

This is another restaurant review. I haven’t been cooking much exciting lately since I’ve been broke, in the middle of moving, working, and taking four hour long classes. I’ve been mostly subsisting off of oatmeal, bagels, and take out.  Today I met with my friend Cindy for lunch at Sweet Pea’s Cafe in Los Gatos. Los Gatos is an affluent suburb of San Jose, located right at the foot of the Santa Cruz mountains. There is another Sweet Pea’s Cafe located in Capitola (a beach town near Santa Cruz).

This place was packed when I arrived at quarter to one. My friend hadn’t arrived yet so I decided to order an iced coffee. The girl at the register took about five minutes to acknowledge that I was there and then when I asked for an iced coffee she told me that even though it was on the chalk board they did not have iced coffee. I got a hot coffee instead even though it was about eighty degrees out.  The coffee was good and hot.

When Cindy got there we lined up to get our order. Cindy got the chicken salad sandwich which she seemed to enjoy. I ordered the mushroom, spinach, and feta on an original crepe (they give you a choice of wheat or original). In retrospect I should have ordered wheat. The mushroom, spinach, and feta crepe is the only vegetarian savory crepe available. There are many sweet vegetarian options and one or two vegetarian breakfast crepes. There is one vegetarian sandwich, daily soup options, and a couple salads.

I got my crepe without the mushrooms because I’m not a mushroom fan. The crepe was great tasting, but the  filling was a little bland. The mushroom sauce was incredibly bland. It just tasted like cream. There was no salt, pepper, or mushroom taste. The spinach in the filling was not seasoned. The feta was nice and salty so when the two mixed together it was much better.

The location is great and I would definitely go to Sweet Pea’s Cafe in Los Gatos again and try the one in Capitola. I think I would get the breakfast crepe without the meat next time.

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