Chocolate Party

My friend Maddy throws the most amazing parties.  She has parties mainly to cook great food and then have people to feed it too so she doesn’t have tons of leftovers. She definitely does not skimp on the fat, sugar or flavor. She is the best cook out of all my friends and surpasses me as a cook. She is also currently writing a cookbook, which I think is amazing.

The whole theme for the party was chocolate. There was so much chocolate there. I love chocolate and I went into a chocolate sugar coma after we left. I thought I wouldn’t want to eat chocolate after that but the next day I was sneaking bites of my leftover homemade peanut butter cups, which I will do another post of.

The first item is a carrot, apple, and cocoa nib Morrocan salad. It was tangy, spicy, and had just a hint of chocolate. This was probably my favorite dish of the night because it was incredibly refreshing after all the sweetness of the dessert dishes.

The next is my friend’s black bottom pie. I did not eat the black bottom pie because I do not like chocolate pies. She serves this with a raspberry sauce. Other people really seemed to like it.

Now I apologize for the bad photo that’s coming up. Well, none of these are great photos but the next is out of focus. For some reason I just couldn’t get my hand to steady. The next item is a garlic and smoked salt chocolate spread on toast. This was amazing. I couldn’t stop eating it.

The quality of photography continues to go downhill since I had to rely on my flash. The next item is a chocolate flan that had a hibiscus sauce that accompanied it. I did not eat this either but the general consensus was that it was tasty.

The next item is a chocolate, tomatoey, spicy shellfish stew. It had shrimp and scallops in it. I tried it and I found it a little too heavy on the tomato for my taste, but I really don’t like tomato.

The next is a rice dish that was served with the stew. I did not eat it because it has celery in it and celery is my mortal enemy.

These next items are chocolate almond empanadas. They had a great taste and the texture of the crust was flaky and tender. They were a little heavy after all the other food.

There were all sorts of different chocolates there including chocolate covered bacon which I had to try even though I haven’t been eating meat. I wasn’t impressed with the flavor. The bacon was a little too hickory smoked tasting for me. I would have preferred a saltier bacon to contrast with the sweetness of the milk chocolate. There were two kinds of iced tea: one a mate and another mint. They both were refreshing and had subtle chocolate flavors, but I preferred the mint. There were two kinds of hot chocolate: spicy mayan hot chocolate and vanilla hot chocolate with rum. I preferred the spicy mayan hot chocolate.

In all it was a very delicious party.


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