Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

These are not Reese’s. They definitely are not Reese’s. I wouldn’t say they are better than Reese’s and I wouldn’t say they are worse. I would say they are a completely different beast.

I wanted to make something for my friend Maddy’s chocolate party. I decided to make the chocolate peanut butter cups from Alicia Silverstone’s cookbook The Kind Diet. I really was looking forward to these and how tasty they were going to be and relatively not as bad for you. Well, I got around to making them on Friday and encountered trials and tribulations.

First, I forgot about half the ingredients. I didn’t have earth balance or graham crackers. I figured hey I can do without these. I didn’t use maple sugar, I used refined white sugar because that is what I had on hand. I did however use the grain sweetened chocolate chips. They taste different than regular chocolate chips, very different. They are not as bad as some carob chips that I’ve gotten and they are vegan.

Then in the middle of heating my peanut butter I dropped molten hot peanut butter on my foot and burned my foot. It was incredibly painful and now I have a blister on the top of my foot. Maybe I shouldn’t cook barefoot.

What I ended up with was tasty, but the peanut butter didn’t set because I didn’t add the graham crackers to it. It was overall a little too sweet for my taste and not enough contrast with sweet and salty. I added chopped nuts and salt to the top to give it a little more of that contrast. I also didn’t have paper candy wrappers or cupcake liners so they had to be scooped out of the muffin tins with a spoon. They were tasty though.


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