Daily Archives: July 25, 2010

Tacos…or something with tortillas

One thing we eat a lot of around here in California is “Mexican” food. “Mexican” is a blanket term for anything involving tortillas, rice, beans, and avocados. This can be in the form of burritos, tacos, papusas, empanadas, enchiladas, or quesadillas. I’m not sure what can be classified as authentic around here. Then there is also the clash between the NorCal and SoCal burritos. I’m a NorCal burrito person myself because I’m not into the refried beans that are used in the SoCal burrito. Plus, NorCal burritos are monster sized and super cheap. They can last me two meals.

Last week we bought a large package of flour tortillas from Safeway and did a taco night. Taco night around our house pretty much consists of pinto beans, avocados, flour tortillas, chile verde, and cheese (for me). This time I made brown rice to go with it and Andrew sauteed some diced yellow onion. This was the first time that I succesfully made brown rice. It was great! This is a simple, easy meal. I wouldn’t say it’s quick because brown rice takes almost an hour to cook, but it definitely is easy.

Basic Brown Rice

  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 2 cups vegetable broth

1. Put brown rice and vegetable broth in a small saucepan. Then bring heat to high and boil.

2. Once the rice and broth are boiling, turn the heat to low and cover with a lid. Let it simmer for forty-five to fifty-five minutes.

3. Remove the lid and fluff the rice. I had excess liquid even though my rice was done cooking. I just drained this out into the sink.

Here is what it looks like as you’re cooking:

1. The rice and broth boiling. The red rings are what heat my food (I miss gas burners).

Yes, our stove-top is almost always that clean.

This is the rice simmering. Seriously, this is thrilling stuff. Do the rest of your cooking while the rice is cooking away or be like me and read a history book (I recommend Alison Weir)

And here is the finished product. No, yours will not be this glowing. That is just my lovely over the top flash because I do not have my portable desk lamp at this house yet.

We ate this with canned pinto cooked with onion powder, chili powder, and minced garlic. We always buy the organic, low-sodium kind and then rinse them before cooking.

And this is the final product. It is a terrible picture but I couldn’t focus with that little of light.


Action on Film Festival (Food too!)

This weekend was crazy. On Friday, Andrew and I drove down to Pasadena. While I do get bored of taking Highway 101 sometimes, I have to say it’s much prettier than driving I-5 through the central valley. It was also incredibly hot and dusty. Thank god for air conditioning.

The beautiful I-5.

We met up with some people from the movie forum board on Mediasaurs (our friend Peter’s movie review website) that we were sharing a hotel room with. Then we went out for dinner at an Argentinian restaurant called Malbec. Andrew and I did not really enjoy our food. I got seafood pasta. The baby octopus were very well done but I did not like the sauce and the shellfish were not fresh tasting. Andrew thought his salmon was good but that he could have executed the same thing at home.

Andrew was upset by the ugliness of the fountains…or just being weird, I’m not sure.

The next day we walked around Old Town Pasadena and then met up with Kely McClung for lunch. He was premiering his film Kerberos at the Action on Film festival in Pasadena (great independent film). We went to an Indian buffet which was mediocre. Then we went back to the hotel room where I worked on my paper and the rest of the group slept. Then we met up with Peter, Susannah, and Matt at the theater for a series of shorts and one almost feature length. They were terrible and I can’t remember the names. After the movie was out we went to a sushi restaurant because we thought we would doing Mexican food for the after party.  I just got some miso soup and shared gyoza with Andrew. They banged a drum every time someone came in and drove Susannah crazy.

Dan, Kely McClung, and Andrew (pretending to be Captain Morgan?)

Then we went to see Kerberos. Before Kerberos played, they played two shorts: Poker Night and Hacked to the Future. Poker Night was very well done for a short, independent feature. Great tension, good camera work, and fairly good acting. Hacked to the Future was a read through but funny. Kerberos turned out great (I had seen it before but I was plastered and fell asleep), though the sound was loud and some of the camera work was shaky.

The after party was supposed to be Mexican food but ended up being at a sushi bar. We got sake bombs and that was pretty much it. Not much in the way of great food this weekend. Not that I was expecting much out of Pasadena.