Trashy Eats and Blue Balls

My friend Ian and I have decided on a new kind of photo adventure for around Santa Cruz: redneck avant-garde. This will entail Ian standing in front of random, modern “art” statuary in Santa Cruz while eating disgusting fruit pies bought from 7-11 and a flannel shirt. It is going to be amazing.

We were inspired by the large blue balls at a park in Soquel. I can’t rememebr the real name of the park because everyone calls it Blue Ball(s) Park. There are large blue ball statues all around the park. This really is as beautiful and hilarious as it sounds. It’s almost as great as the statue of Babe the Blue Ox and his giant blue testicles in Klamath, California or that statue in Norway of a man drop kicking a baby.

That is a giant blue ball and a chocolate pie from 7-11. We  haven’t gotten the flannel or mullet wig yet.


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