Dear Google, What is a longan?

The last week or so has been a whirl wind of boredom and activity. I haven’t had much chance to cook besides the butternut squash ravioli and pot stickers.  Our landlord who is an incredibly nice and boisterous man brought us back some chocolates from a business trip to Taiwan. They are white and dark chocolate covered dried longans. Andrew and I were both stumped as to what a longan was but we figured hey chocolate is always good. Andrew didn’t eat the dried longan inside his chocolate, but I did and it was like a flavorless dried cherry, which in my opinion is a good thing because I hate dried cherries. The chocolate that encased the dried longan was very good.

I wanted to know what a longan was so I went to google and wikipedia. According to Wikipedia the longan is a tropical fruit from southeast Asia. It is also known as dragon eye fruit and can be eaten fresh or dried. It is usually found in soups, desserts, and sweet and sour foods.

The grapes in the backyard are also ripe now. They are small, sour and deliciously purple.

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