Restaurant Reviews

I have a little bit to say about the election results. Let’s just say I’m happy that money can’t buy you power in this state yet, but I’m disappointed that California did not pass Prop. 19. We need money people and marijuana is a flourishing industry that we could tax for money that we desperately need.Oh yeah, plus you know all the other benefits.

I am happy to see that Barbara Boxer is still representing. I am not happy to see Pelosi ousted and the house swing right like a tea bag pendulum. Sigh.

Last weekend Andrew and I spent a lot of time in our old stomping ground of Santa Cruz. We were hoping for nice weather on Saturday and a trip to the beach. Nice weather in Santa Cruz for October is not pouring rain. Alas, there was pouring rain and our hope for Bagelry bagels on the beach was smashed. Instead we had a late breakfast at Zachary’s which won best breakfast in town by the Good Times.

Zachary’s Basic Breakfast

I ordered Zachary’s Basic Breakfast with poached eggs, molasses bread, and chicken apple sausage. The apple sausage, bread, and potatoes were amazing. The best part of Zachary’s is their freshly baked bread. The eggs had a lot of water in the dish which made them pretty much inedible for me. I’m sort of particular about my poached eggs so I rarely order them out at restaurants unless its on egg’s benedict.

We spent the rest of the morning getting things ready for my Halloween costume and then we went to the surf museum. Andrew and I both lived in Santa Cruz for over five years and neither of us had ever been to the surf museum. It’s a small, cute museum on West Cliff. I thought it was a neat bit of Santa Cruz history.

The rest of the day was spent at Woodstock’s pizza watching the Giants lose to the Rangers. That was a sad game. Pat Burrel played horribly. But we came back in the end to WIN!

Woodstock’s has some great pizza. I ordered a personal sized Surf City which has shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, pine nuts, mozzarella cheese, and feta. It is pretty darn good.

One response to “Restaurant Reviews

  1. OMG! That pizza looks absolutely amazing! Love pesto on pizzas!

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