Scottish Eats

I recently traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland to visit my friend Katie who is earning her master’s degree there. Edinburgh was absolutely amazing. I can’t imagine living in a city where there is a real medieval castle. C’mon, a castle!

Food is cheap in Scotland and pretty tasty too. I’m a little neutral on their idea of french fries (they don’t add salt) and their strange obsession with mayonaisse, but the meat there tastes much better than the meat here in America.

Some food highlights: steak pie, haggis, and baguettes. Their sandwiches are cheap, delicious, and come with a variety of ingredients that you could never get on a sandwich here in America. My favorite was a baguette with English mustard, lettuce, grilled chicken breast, brie, and cranberry sauce for less than five dollars!

Neeps (Turnips), mashed potatoes, haggis, and whiskey sauce with oat cakes.

Haggis is not as scary as everyone seems to think it is. It has kind of a soft texture and it spiced nicely (in my opinion). I would eat it again, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat again.

Oh and how could I forget the roasted pork sandwiches from Oink! served with apple sauce and cracklin’.

Mmm…so much pork!

A whole roasted pig. Yes, your food has a face. Deal with it.


2 responses to “Scottish Eats

  1. YUMMY! I loved haggis while I was in Scotland- I had it three different times and each time it was completely different so everyone has their own recipe I guess. I totally miss cheap sandwhiches with awesome ingredients. We’d go to Booth’s and get a Ribena, some chips, and a sandwhich for like L2.50. Unfortunately when I was there each pound was $2 so count yourself lucky!
    Did you go to Gregg’s and get a cheese and onion pasty? I had one of those for lunch practically everyday!

    • I never got a pasty while I was in Scotland. I have had them at a English pub in Aptos which serves very authentic cuisine. I do like them.

      Yeah while I was there it was $1.50 per L1, so the exchange rate wasn’t terrible. I can’t remember which sandwich shops we went to but god the sandwiches were good.

      I liked haggis as well. It was pretty tasty, sort of like sausage with oatmeal mixed in it.

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