Pizza and Poundcake

This past weekend we made pizza two times. One time we used the pre-rolled dough from Whole Foods and the second time we used the pre-made dough in a bag from Whole Foods. The pre-made dough in the bag from Whole Foods tastes a lot better than the kind already rolled. It’s definitely worth the extra couple seconds it takes to roll the dough out.

For toppings we did one half with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fine ricotta cheese, sardines, and hot Italian sausage. The other half had sauce, no cheese, spicy Italian sausage and pineapple. Put in the oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then you have dinner. The picture is terrible though.

The second item is from my friend Marcus’ birthday. It is a lemon pound cake that Marcus made. I personally found it to be a little dry, but flavorful. It definitely needed the french vanilla ice cream served with it to make it moist enough to eat. It was beautiful looking though.

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