Failure Waffles

Today I woke up wanting to make Andrew waffles. He was very excited about this and the prospect of bacon with them. We usually eat bagels or cereal for breakfast so waffles are a treat. It had been a very long time since I made waffles. In fact, I think the last time I made waffles was with the waffle iron Katie and I won at the boardwalk with our tickets. Those waffles were amazing because of the effort we put in winning those tickets, but these waffles. Well, they were failure waffles.

They turned out flavorless and I think I undercooked them because they were chewy and a little too moist. I was hoping for waffles with an inside like air and a crispy outer part. This was not that kind of waffle. I managed to eat through one and Andrew ate through two, but insisted that I throw the rest away.

I don’t think these were nearly as bad as the time I tried to make pancakes a couple months ago. Those were horrendous and inedible. Thankfully those were just for Andrew’s Halloween costume. Mark Bittman, you failed me at breakfast again.

2 responses to “Failure Waffles

  1. That’s why I only ever use bisquick for breakfast quickbreads. Uncreative, but it has never failed me.

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