Ex-Girlfriends…Black Jettas…and Brunch?

If you’re not familiar with the weirdness that is Ima Robot, then Ex-Girlfriends, Black Jettas will not make much sense to you, but I can try to explain. It is a song that is simply about a man driving around Hollywood and running it all his ex-girlfriends who all strangely drive black Jettas.

I drive a black Jetta. And today I had brunch with an ex-boyfriend.

Okay, I just wanted a clever title for a post on a mediocre brunch.

Hey, I had that same dishware growing up.

Today my friend and I went to Jeffrey’s Diner in Santa Cruz for brunch. Jeffrey’s is a place on Soquel Avenue in mid-towrn Santa Cruz. It caters mostly to old people and it serves decent pancakes, which I learned this morning. It lacks the tastiness that Zachary’s has and the ambiance of cheap, drunk black outs of the Santa Cruz Diner, but it had good pancakes. I don’t generally like pancakes, but these were delicate, tender, and fluffy.

The rest was okay. The bacon could have been crispier and goddamnit, why can’t any restaurant drain their poached eggs all the way. I do not want my egg yolk getting mixed with lukewarm water. I just don’t. I will never be satisfied on this front.


One response to “Ex-Girlfriends…Black Jettas…and Brunch?

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