Are these Parker House Rolls?

Parker House Rolls apparently originated at the Parker House Hotel in Boston in the 1870’s. They’re made with milk and are quite sweet and buttery. They should turn out fluffy with a crispy outside. They are a yeast bread so they do take some time.

Make a well in the dry ingredients

Here’s the thing. I can never get my yeast to proof correctly anymore. Maybe it’s deactivated, maybe my water isn’t the right temperature. When I had a microwave I knew exactly how long to microwave the water for to get the right temperature to proof yeast. Now I don’t have a thermometer or a microwave so I’m really just guessing.

Add egg mixture into well

These are not what Parker House Rolls are supposed to look like. If you want to see what they are supposed to look like just google Parker House Rolls and you will get plenty of beautiful, correct examples. These, however, were still delicious. I added onion powder, freshly ground sea salt, and butter, lots of melted butter.

Shape the dough into a smooth, round ball

I apparently didn’t understand the directions in Martha Stewart’s recipe and made something completely different. It certainly didn’t help that my yeast never proofed. People at the Super Bowl gathering still enjoyed them.

Roll dough, cut into four by two rectangles, sprinkle with salt and onion powder.

Roll up and bake for twenty minutes in a 375 degrees

The finished product

Cindy’s Black Bottom Cupcakes


One response to “Are these Parker House Rolls?

  1. So I googled them and you’re right- your rolls didn’t look anything like the pictures. Yours kind of look like a sweet dessert bread to me- I’d probably be expecting something sugary when I bit into them.

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