Bagels and Butterflies

I have waxed poetic about how amazing the Bagelry is. I don’t know what they put in their bagels, but it is something magical, probably some happy herbs from the new Happy Herb Shop around the corner. Yes it has to be some sort of happy magic herb.

Andrew and I made today our Valentine’s Day since I have to work tomorrow and Monday is also a work day. We repeated what we did last year: went to Lighthouse Field State Beach to watch the monarchs. Here is what the California State Parks’ website says about monarch migration:

This is one of the places where Monarch butterflies winter along the California coast. Monarchs are unique because they migrate each winter to avoid freezing weather. The Monarchs wintering here, come from west of the Rocky Mountains. Monarchs east of the Rockies go to central Mexico for the winter.

There are hundreds of monarchs that come Lighthouse Field State Beach every winter. They fill up the branches of the cypress (not redwoods, dumb tourist) and eucalyptus trees. They also apparently use this time to mate since I caught a few couples copulating; this was the only time they didn’t flutter away before I could get a picture.

Before we went to the beach, we first took a trip to the downtown Bagelry location. For more information on the Bagelry read this article from MetroActive: . Located on Cedar Street, the downtown location is the busiest and has a quiet, outdoor patio in addition to its indoor seating. When I lived downtown I used to enjoy the convenience of buying a six pack day old bagels and a tub of reduced fat cream cheese. I also have a friend who works as a baker and a janitor there.

This morning I was feeling something savory. I opted for a half serving of the Pink Flamingo on a garlic bagel. The Pink Flamingo is reduced fat cream cheese mixed with lox and dill. I always get a half serving of the spread because they put far too much on the full serving.

The Pink Flamingo

Andrew ordered to salt bagels and ate them plain without even getting them toasted or sliced. He is a strange one sometimes.

Salt Bagels

I decided to read some reviews on Yelp about the Bagelry. The main complaint of people on there seems to be they don’t accept credit or debit cards (cash only) and that they’re bagels are dense and chewy, not fluffy on the inside. This is definitely not the bagel place for you if you think Noah’s Bagels or bagels from the grocery store are the end all be all of bagels. These bagels are prepared the traditional way: boiled first and then baked. This makes them extremely dense and chewy. To address the cash only issue: that isn’t atypical of Santa Cruz. There are lot of places there that only accept cash.

I also like the Royal Palm which is the same reduced fat cream cheese with dates, honey, and walnuts. Delicious.

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