What is SooFoo?

I have not been cooking lately. I’ve been busy with my credential classes and my job. I’m currently taking three courses at San Jose State University towards my moderate-severe special education credential. This is less than the four classes I was taking last semester, but the courses still require a lot of work in addition to the two jobs I work. For example, Monday was a fourteen hour day for for me. Seven hours at my main job (full-inclusion specialist at a middle school), an hour drive to my second job in Santa Cruz, two hours with my respite client at the occupational therapist, and then babysitting with my client from last year. It was a long day. Some days I go straight from work, to my second job, and then back to school and I don’t get home until ten o’clock at night. Oh and I also rock climb up to four times a week:

Me at the top of the high wall at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale

I don’t have much time to cook. I usually just grab a sandwich at the deli downstairs from my classes. Or  if I’m feeling really special or have a couple extra minutes I get a burrito from La Victoria across the street from the university, though I haven’t been super impressed by their burritos.

Last night I did take the time to cook myself a lunch for today. Andrew and I went to Whole Foods in Cupertino on Stelling and Steven’s Creek, which is where we do most of our grocery shopping. I do like Whole Foods, though it it not my favorite grocery store, but they have a wide variety of organic produce, plus they are the only place on this side of the hill that sells Straus Family Creamery cream-top milk, which is the only milk that I like to drink.  I will do some shopping at Safeway on Lawrence and Steven’s Creek or the 99 Ranch on Homestead and Wolfe, but Whole Foods is definitely where we do most of our regular shopping. It also has this amazing product:

It takes me about two hours to drink one of these, but it’s oh-so delicious

So one thing I do really like about Whole Foods are there packaged vegetables. The newest one that I’ve seen and had to try out was there Green Beans with Shallots and Lemon Butter. It turned out absolutely delicious. I know it’s probably cheating on the homemade scale, but it’s definitely better than frozen or canned green beans, plus it saved me a lot of time. I cooked them on the stove top, added some sliced lemon and ate them with a big serving of SooFoo.

Green beans, shallots, and garlic in a pan on medium.

Add the lemon garlic butter

I got a lemon from the backyard and put it in with my green beans.

Let me explain what SooFoo is. SooFoo is short for super-food. I first tried it as a sample at Whole Foods and yes, I was sucked in. They caught me hook, line and sinker. I suppose it might be cheaper to buy all the ingredients and separately and make the mixture on my own, but it’s just oh-so convenient to buy it all in one bag. It is a mixture of nine grains and legumes: barley, black lentils, brown lentils, buckwheat, green lentils, long grain brown rice, oats, rye berries, and wheat berries. It’s a really pretty mixture before you cook it. When cooked it is sort of brown and mucky looking, but still delicious.

SooFoo Before You Cook It

What my lunch ended up looking like



2 responses to “What is SooFoo?

  1. I LOVE green beans- we make them all the time, but not quite as healthy as yours. WE mix it up with bacon and bacon grease with some onions. So yummy!
    The company that makes that soda you like also makes Reed’s ginger beer which I LOVE as well! They have it at Cost Plus World Market.

    • I love Reed’s Ginger Beer too! I didn’t know it was the same company. The closest Cost Plus World Market is pretty far from where I live but there’s a BevMo really close by and a Whole Foods.

      Green beans and bacon sounds really yummy!

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