Breakfast at Rick’s Cafe

Last night I told Andrew that I wanted to go out for breakfast this morning. Since there was the tsunami watch in Santa Cruz and all the damage done to the harbor there, we decided not to go to Santa Cruz which is where we usually go if we want to have breakfast. Instead we went back to a place in Los Altos that we had been to once before: Rick’s Cafe. Rick’s Cafe is a good sized breakfast and lunch deal in the snazzy, up-scale mini-downtown of Los Altos, California. For those unfamiliar to the area, Los Altos is tucked between Mountain View and the 280. It’s a fairly wealthy area so its restaurants are fairly expensive.

Rick’s Cafe is no exception to that.  A breakfast there costs thirty dollars without the tip included. Their service is nothing amazing, in fact its incredibly average. The food comes out fast because they have a huge kitchen staff, but their wait staff seems to think it’s appropriate for people to wait fifteen to twenty minutes to get their bill after their dishes have been cleared. This has happened both times that we’ve gone there, once on a weekday morning and once a weekend morning. At least we didn’t have to wait too long for our food, which is of course the most important thing anyway.

There are a lot of choices at Rick’s Cafe. First they have about ten different kinds of pancakes that you can order. I’ve never ordered the pancakes there because I’m not really interested in pancakes and they don’t come with anything on the side. They also have crepes, skillets, cheese melters, basic breakfasts (bagels with meat and eggs), french toast, scrambles, and breakfast specials, such as huevos rancheros and egg’s benedict. The last time I went there I got the Lox Benedict which was delicious.

This time around I was not able to resist the hollandaise and got the Midshipman’s Crepe. The Midshipman’s Crepe consists of real lump crab meat, chives, jack cheese, avocado, and hollandaise sauce. I ordered mine without the cheese because seafood and cheese to me is an abomination of both cheese and seafood. The two just don’t mix for me. The crepe was tender, the crab meat very fresh tasting, and the hollandaise was creamy, piquant, and a bit spicy from the cayenne. This came with a toasted, buttered bagel and breakfast potatoes, which were a cross between hash browns and home fries. I was able to finish my crepe, bagel, and two cups of coffee, but only got through about a third of the potatoes before I gave up.

Andrew ordered the mountaineer’s skillet without cheese. He got annoyed when they served him a bagel already buttered, but they were very nice about it and immediately got him a non-buttered bagel. He seemed to enjoy his food enough after that.



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