Who is the Single Cook?

On Top of an 11,000' Mountain in the Sierra Nevada

Hello! Thanks for visiting my food blog.

I am a twenty-something year old cook living in the central coast of California. I love cooking, trying new foods, and reading about food. I started this blog because I was frustrated with all the cookbooks and blogs out there that were marketed towards people with families. It can be difficult for young, single (or couples in our case), people to cook healthy, nutritious, and budget conscious meals when the recipes in cookbooks are for serving up to 8 people.

I live and work on the central coast of California about an hour south of San Francisco. I lived in the Silicon Valley for about a year before I heard the siren song of Santa Cruz again. I am a special education teacher and a graduate student at San Jose State University. I live with my incredibly loving, dairy-hating, boyfriend Andrew whom I talk about regularly in these posts.

I hope you enjoy what you read and that I am able to impart some knowledge to you. Or at least mildly entertain you.

5 responses to “Who is the Single Cook?

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  2. you are 24 now!

  3. I miss the redwoods.

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