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Bison Cheeseburger

On Friday night I was craving a cheeseburger. This is something that occurs very rarely since I don’t usually like ground meat. Maybe I was needing some protein or iron, not sure. Andrew thought it sounded like a good idea so we went to Safeway and bought sourdough, avocado, and bison. I like bison a lot more than beef; it’s leaner and in my opinion has a better flavor.

Andrew cooked these burgers since he is much more skilled at cooking hamburgers than I am. I would have preferred it a little rarer, but it was still moist and delicious. I had mine with colby jack on top.

Hamburger with Pineapple and Avocado

Yesterday I made a hamburger made with 90% lean ground organic beef from Whole Foods Market in Santa Cruz. I mixed about a 1/4 lb of meat with a teaspoon of chopped garlic, salt, and pepper. I heated a skillet with some oil in it and added my patty to the pan. While the first side of the burger was cooking I sliced some pineapple and half of a Bacon avocado. A Bacon avocado is a variety of avocado with a smooth green skin and smaller than a Hass. It has a slight bacon flavor, hence the name. I can’t find them in the grocery store, but they are available around here at farmer’s markets and road side produce stands. After cooking one side of the burger for about six minutes I flipped it over and added the pineapple to the pan. I put some hoisin sauce on top of the burger. I toasted a whole wheat bun in the toaster. After toasting the bun I spread hoisin sauce on the top bun, then added the avocado and pineapple. To finish the hamburger off I sprinkled a little cheese on top. In all, I cooked the burger to about medium (six minutes on each side).

It was very tasty, but I had a hard time eating because I have bell’s palsy right now. I had to take a knife and fork to it.