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Orzo and Spinach Salad

Tonight we are going to celebrate the new year with our friends Peter and Susannah again. This means there will be tons of BBQ (if there’s no rain) and not a lot of vegetables that I will enjoy eating. Andrew asked me to make a side dish for the night and the only thing he specified was that it have vegetables in it. I decided that I wanted to make a spinach and orzo salad. I love spinach and I’ve just started liking orzo.

Two Egg Omelette

This morning after my walk I decided I wanted to make an omelette for breakfast. I had in my mind that I would make a duck egg omelette. I don’t know why, but I wanted to try duck eggs. I drove over to Whole Foods because I believed they sold individual eggs including duck eggs. Disappointingly they do not sell individual eggs anymore and they do not sell duck eggs. I bought organic eggs instead. I also organic loose leaf spinach, a snack sized piece of kerrygold cheddar, and an avocado.

I have tried to make omelettes before and have always failed, ending up with scrambled eggs and toppings. This time I used a non-stick skillet, plenty of margarine, low-temperature, and patience. I came out with a pretty nice looking and delicious tasting omelette.

Two Egg Omelette

  • two eggs
  • 1 tbsp. margarine
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 oz. kerrygold dubliner cheddar
  • 3/4 cup spinach

1. Heat non-stick skillet with margarine on medium low heat. Whisk eggs until frothy. Add eggs to the skillet once margarine is melted and make sure the eggs are evenly spread on the surface of the pan.

2. While the eggs are cooking, cut the avocado, shred the cheese, and tear up spinach into smaller pieces.

3. It will take about five to seven minutes for the omelette to cook. Once the eggs are set, add filling on one side. Add cheese first, then avocado, and then spinach. This will ensure that the cheese melts. To fold the omelette, gently work the spatula underneath the non-filling side of the eggs, lift up carefully, and fold over the filling side. Slide the omelette off the skillet onto the plate.

Corned Beef Sausage

My boyfriend I came across this at Whole Foods Market in Santa Cruz yesterday and just had to try it. It is a corned beef sausage made with Whole Foods’ own recipe for corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes and made into a sausage. I have to say I much prefer these elements all seperate and thought the sausage a little lacking in flavor. The corned beef from Whole Foods however is absolutely delicious and tender. We had some on Friday night with our friends Shauna and Marcus who made it with fish chowder, soda bread, and P’s and C’s. Yum!

Terriyaki Chicken Wrap

I used my one hundred calorie tortillas in another lunch concoction. This time I bought chicken terriyaki skewers from Scotts Valley Market. I took the chicken off one and cut it up into smaller pieces. I cut half of an avocado into cubes. I layered spinach, avocado, chicken, and shredded cheese into one tortilla. It was pretty yummy even though it ended up falling apart.

Avocado and Bean Quesadilla

I bought a bunch of avocados this week. I also bought shredded cheese and 100 calorie tortillas. I used all these in a avocado, bean, and cheese quesadilla. I heated up a skillet with non-spray cooking oil. Then I added half a can of pinto beans, half of an avocado, and a handful of shredded cheese to one tortilla and folded it over. I put this into the skillet until the cheese melted and the tortilla crisped up. I served this with a strawberry and spinach salad.


I had plenty of jambalya rice leftover from the other night. That meant at least a couple more meals using that as my base. The past two nights I’ve created essentially the same dish with some minor changes.

On Thursday night I layered jambalaya rice, ranch style beans (canned pinto beans with a spicy sauce), baby spinach, avocado, and thin cut steak. I cooked the steak under the broiler for about ten minutes using salt, pepper, and garlic powder as seasoning. I pretty much microwaved everything else except the spinach and avocado.  The bottom layer was rice, then spinach,then beans, then avocado, and finally steak. I ate this with a spelt tortilla that crisped up on the stove top. I had never eaten a spelt tortilla before and it was delicious! Of course I covered the entire thing in tapatio sauce after taking the picture. Tapatio sauce is just not photogenic.

The other meal that I made today after work was essentially the same thing without the spinach. I layered rice, beans, babybell cheese, and steak and then microwaved this for about two and a half minutes. Then I added the avocado. I ate this with another spelt tortilla and the requisite tapatio sauce.

When it comes to which one was better I don’t know. I think Thursday night’s was healthier.  They were both pretty good.

Roast Beef Sandwich

My dinners this week have not been the most exciting or creative. Dinner tonight consisted of a roast beef sandwich and a spoonful of Better Than Peanut Butter (a peanut butter substitute made from peanut flour). The sandwich consisted of three slices of multigrain organic sandwich bread from Trader Joe’s. On one slice I melted babybel light cheese. On another slice I placed two slices of low sodium roast beef from Trader Joe’s and low-sodium teriyaki sauce. I put these two pieces of bread in the microwave to warm up the beef and melt the cheese.  While that was melting I took another slice of bread and spread light whipped cream cheese (also Trader Joe’s brand) on it. This was the middle slice for my sandwich. On the bread with the cheese I put baby spinach leaves. This I sliced diagonally. Simple, quick, and delicious.